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My young adult books were inspired by my work with teens. I've also penned a memoir and an amusing novel for adults.

Boot camp at sunrise on the beach energizes me. So does hiking. Which is good since I love to bake—and eat what I create.

My work in child abuse, teen dating violence, sexual assault and domestic violence culminated in my directing the NYC site of a national healthy relationship program

What I saw and learned found its way into my novels.

My love of writing began when I was seven. It's been a wild journey.


I have scoliosis and had to wear a back brace as a teen. I ran cross country anyway.

The news flash that I'm not the only highly sensitive introvert on the planet changed my life...wish I'd known it earlier.

During my years as a journalist, I learned to get to the point−and make it to press. My favorite stories were about social issues. Check out a few of my published articles here.

Grad school brought me to the Big Apple, where I'd always wanted to live. A decade later, I visited Los Angeles for a seminar—and it felt like home. Now it is.

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Everything you can imagine is real. 
                             Pablo Picasso
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