What’s Your Feel-Great Formula?

May 21, 2015

You could read articles all day long on how much to eat and exercise–or how to still eat what you want– and stay slim. But the real question is: what is your body’s formula to look and feel your best?

Everyone’s body has a set point, your body’s most comfortable weight. It’s possible to change the set point, but not by dieting. In fact, when we diet, we put the body into a starving state and then when we go back to eating how we did before, the body’s set point is now higher – which is why people gain the weight back – and more.

The way to change your set point is to pick an eating/exercise combo that you can do forever. The most healthy food you can eat + the treats that you can’t live without + exercising a few times a week doing something that gets your heartrate up and down. And then you can stop thinking about it, and get on to more important things, like finding your life’s purpose:)

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