LGTBQI stories from down under

April 30, 2015

Since so many LGBTQI people speak of isolation, the fact that we can watch a video of an Australian woman talking about growing up intersex and see 14 other videos about the challenges of LGTBI life is amazing.


Malta pioneers intersex and transgender rights bill

April 3, 2015

Kudos to Malta! A group of islands in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa passed a groundbreaking law making it illegal for parents and doctors to make intersex infants undergo unnecessary surgery just to make them look more “normal.” Intersex people are not biologically one gender; their conditions involve different variations of genes, […]


Agender vs Transgender

January 22, 2015

Check out this fascinating yet tragic NY Times Magazine cover story about a purported hate crime against Sasha, a white boy from Oakland CA who identifies as agender–neither male nor female– also known as genderqueer. In November, 2013, Sasha was wearing a skirt on a bus and a male teenager from the other side of […]